Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Noble Senior Living Referrals?
A: Noble Senior Living Referrals are a locally owned and operated company that is active in our local Senior Community. As advocates for the latter stages in senior’s lives we take a personal approach to identifying the unique needs of our clients and their families. Established in 2012. We are an experienced and compassionate Senior Living Advisor, providing personal help and information to those seeking senior living and eldercare.

Q: How do you offer a free service?
A: Noble Senior Living Referral service is absolutely free to seniors and their family members. We offer exceptional services with no cost and no obligations and no strings attached. Noble Senior Living Referrals is compensated by the partners and resources that participate in our exclusive network in Oregon. Our agreement with network of partners never charge more for you to move to the community that you choice.

Q: What geographic areas do we serve?
A: Noble Senior Living Referrals has the most exclusive network of partners and resources in Eugene Oregon, Springfield Oregon, and other beautiful locations in Oregon. If you have a need in an Oregon or Washington city outside our service area, let us know as we partner with other referral companies.

Q: Why do you offer this free service?
A: Noble Senior Living Referrals understands that searching for and selecting the right senior living and care can be a complex and confusing process. It is often times the most difficult transitional time in a senior’s and their families’ lives. We offer personal and professional knowledge and years of experience working in senior living communities, which provides a valuable resource for seniors and families. Our goals is to offer a comprehensive and cost effective approach to locating senior housing, appropriate care and continuity of care.

Q: How do I get started?
A: We begin with talking with the family, spouse to understand the many living options available today. We begin the process by asking questions to learn about each client’s needs and preferences and goals are for your family member. We exchange information to provide appropriate guidance to the best options that will fit your specified senior living, housing and care for your situation. We offer a personalized service working with you hand in hand throughout the search, answering your questions, and being available until you find the right solution.

Q: What type of senior housing and living referral can we help with?
A: The great thing about our services is that we will go over all of your options. Whether it is providing help at home, finding the right Retirement, Assisted Living, Adult Foster Home, Residential, Memory Care Community, we will work within your budget and find a community in the geographical area of your choice. We will make sure that the community is able to handle the level of care your family member needs. All of these options will be thoroughly explained to you so you make the best decision.

Q: Do you provide referrals for senior citizens in all income groups?
A: We are committed to helping seniors and their families find the help and resources they need.
If the person in need has a very low income, there are appropriate senior housing options available. We provide information and referral to community-based organizations serving seniors and disabled adults. If the person(s) in need is a veteran, or non-divorced widow of a veteran, there may be funds available to offset costs. Please don’t hesitate to call us to discuss either situation further.

Q: Do you accompany clients on tours of communities?
A: Noble Senior Living Referrals offer to assist with guided tours of potential communities. Some families choose to tour on their own. Are goal is to walk you through the entire process, for you to have the information necessary to make an insightful and informed decision. To be confident that the senior in your life will receive the best care and services possible.

Q: Can I visit prospective communities while using your services?
A: Absolutely! If there are places you want to tour, during our time working together, it is important to tell us this information prior to contacting those communities. As we forge lasting and mutually beneficial relationships between clients and the housing community. An abundance of time and effort is spent in working with the various communities, and their staff members to know and understand the strengths of each senior housing option in order to assist individuals and families in making the appropriate choices.

Q: Who makes the finial decision?
A: The decision regarding senior housing and care is the responsibility of the senior, perhaps with family, and or responsible party. Our role is that of a consultant. We will assist with helping seniors and family ask good questions and discern information, and does not place senior in any particular community.

Q: Why use our FREE senior placement services?
A: Noble Senior Living Referrals has developed a reputation in the community of providing a top quality referral process and services resulting in highly successful community placements by serving every client with dignity, professionalism and kindness. With over twenty years of relationship building, experience, and access in the senior care industry, we are able to provide non-biased referrals. We are senior advisors for elders and families is exceedingly respected and established in the community.

Feel Free to to email or call with any other questions that you may have. We are here to help! If you or someone you love is searching for senior living options we would be honored to join your quest and support you every step of the way.

Give us a call at (541) 636-9901 or send an email using the Contact Form so you can take advantage of the free senior placement services in Eugene Oregon, Springfield Oregon, and other beautiful locations in Oregon.